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Residential Services.

Design tab is an interior design firm guided by highly creative design solutions that will satisfy your physical, technical, aesthetic, and functional needs. With offices in Kolkata, we’ve worked with leading and experienced interior designers. We specialize in sustainable compasses and have been recognized as one of the best interior design companies in Kolkata that knows what their clients want.

Making your house a home:

As a famous interior designer in Kolkata, we strive to deliver the best and what we are recognized for. Our years of experience transformed into the goodwill that has largely helped us to become what we are today. We are specialized in interior design services for new construction, remodelling, and interior detailing. We provide our assistance in Kolkata if you considering you need an interior design solution for your home. If you believe your living place requires an overhaul. We will be at your service if you need some taste change on the premise until you get what you want.

Property development.

The resale of your property could be very lucrative. In fact, there are many businesses that run on this principle of buying, making it look good, and then selling for a higher price. Look always at sales when we talk about property or any physical materials as such. If you have a property and are looking to gain more profit than its actual value, making it look luxurious will help.

And the best way to pull this off is by using professional help. And DesignTab could play a much bigger role in this regard. Why? Well, it's not that we have one of the biggest designer teams or we have years of experience. What makes us best is that we know what is trending. What is being paid for highly?

We can give your property a complete makeover so that you can find a higher price deal and profit from it. Our interior design team is one of the best in class; they are professional and always looking for new challenging projects that can deliver amazing results. In addition, they are always striving to learn the new design and apply it to the project, so your property never loses value.

Commercial Services.

At Designtab Interior, it is our goal to build commercial interior design space that represents your needs and never overlaps the timeline or the budget. And our professional interior designers always strive to go beyond your expectations and build something incredible that everyone will love. Our team of interior designers and creators brings life to your commercial space through space planning and the unique selection of exterior materials, textiles, art, textures, paints, specialized lighting, and illustrations.

Designtab Interior is a premium workplace design firm delivering custom architecture and design services that drive our clients’ success. We have ambitious and highly talented interior designers from all over India. And our aim is to make workplaces that not only satisfy our clients but also help the users/ employees to feel great, so their productivity gets a subtle boost of positivity and comfort.

Through detailed 3D illustrations, we assist you in envisioning the possibility of your commercial space. Our visioning helps you envision an inspiring work atmosphere that drives efficiency, inspires employees and settles your unique challenges.

We cover all aspects of commercial interior design, from office to retail outlets, hotels to a health spa, and everything in between. Check out our interior design gallery to see how we could optimize the space and increase the value of your business premises. Make the space so good that even your employee would like to send some extra ours by staying late!