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DesignTab believes that interior and architecture should work naturally around the client, not vice versa. We have extensive experience of a residential interior design project as well as in modern office design. We are transforming a wide variety of property into stunning homes. Here at DesignTab, we believe that each project is an individual expression of our client’s unique personality. Understanding your value and artistic preference is essential for us to create personalized interior designs that are comfortable, eco-friendly and reflect our modern lifestyle the key to a better way of living in the future.

Making your house a home:

As a famous interior designer in Kolkata, our professional crew working within our sector since over several years. When we work with a residential design we emphasize in exploring the interior and exterior potential of your property and discuss how we can design things that could match and improve your lifestyle. We are specialized in interior design services for new construction, remodeling and interior detailing. We provide our assistance in Kolkata if you considering you need an interior design solution for your home. Contact us now, by working together we will create a positive personal space featuring an innovative design that is both functional, inspirational and fully in keeping with your personal taste.

Property development:

If you thinking of selling the property or little furniture, you need to know that if your product is less than average stylish look then your property is at high risk. DesignTab can give your property a designer look development without a budget blow. We know where you should spend a little and where can save a lot.

DesignTab is a well-known name as an interior design company in Kolkata. We provide services in residential and commercial projects. Our interior designer team is one of the best in class; they are professional and always looking for new challenging projects. DesignTab is Kolkata based interior design Company who draws inspiration from traditional Kolkata aesthetics ideals as well as contemporary design theory. Unconventional ideas, distinctive style, and creative thinking define the company DesignTab. Sustainable interior design and renewable materials central of our technology.

Looking for the "best interior design company in Kolkata"? Why don’t you call us then, we are here 24/7 available to answer your any queries. Want to meet one of your interior designer experts? Then let's do it at your convenient time, Coffee is on us! Contact us now and let us give the opportunity to discuss how we can improve your home appearance as well as your lifestyle.


Pending how much time the average employee spends serving in an office, our strategy to modern office interior design consolidates the comforts of home with today’s most technologically advanced design to create spaces that are as practically furnished as they are functional. From an entire floor of individual workstations designed to house a team of staff to a host of multi-use spaces that easily convert from meeting room to lunch room to remote conference room all in the course of a day, we work through every step of the process with the client to design a space that meets both their budget and today’s high demands for office interior design.

DesignTab is a corporate office interior design company established in Kolkata, recognized by others in the same industry. Our company composed experts in each field. Based on experience gained in the previous high-level project we provide better services for each specifically.

Kolkata is commercial hub of West Bengal, the demand of professional designer company is a record high, as business owner realizing to maximize their profit interior design is a crucial element. Designtabinterior is a specialist in high-end commercial projects, with an emphasis on modern architecture and custom detailing. We bring a fresh approach to elegant, tailored interior to create moments of unexpected beauty to the office.

Commercial/office interior design always look forward to making a comfortable environment for their clients and employees. Our interior designs aim to deliver creative values to make human life more creative, functional, beautiful and comfortable.

We have huge numbers of famous interior designers in Kolkata. Our designer’s work starts understanding the customer’s thoughts and does their best to the successful projects of our customers based on their professional knowledge and sensitivity. Honesty and credibility are our top priority. Based on our long experience and technical know-how, we are committed to meeting the promised time with our customers and aiming to bring out the best quality so our clients can increase their business profit.

We will create the best space for customers and environment with a creative design that will vibe positive motivation to the employee and they will feel home away home. We cover all aspect of commercial interior design, from office to retail outlets, hotels to a health spa and everything in between. We focus on developing professional interior designers, equipped with effective curriculum and technologies to meet the business need. Plenty of sunlight, natural elements, and welcoming sports is our design style.

Check out our interior design gallery to see how we could optimize the space and increase the value of your business premises.