About Us

About Us

Stylish, sophisticated and dramatic, DesignTab an interior design company in Kolkata brings the unique talents to client’s homes across the city. DesignTab a residential & corporate office interior design company offers a comprehensive variety of interior design service from our gallery in the historic city of West Bengal, Kolkata. Our designs extend from traditional to modern, remodeling to new construction and residential to modern office design. With a proven sense of style and taste, DesignTab has developed and collaborated on high-end projects and events in Kolkata unlike other company in the same business.

DesignTab is a famous interior design company in Kolkata since we're interior designers (not design enthusiasts) and we've been opening doors to find a new design from our commencement. Our designer club has an enthusiasm for all things, design surpassed only by their commitment to our clients. With fresh insight, focus, and eagerness, DesignTab practice tailors each interior design project. Never a copy always the real thing.

Building or renovating a home can be a very busy time.  No matter how great your builder and their team may be, when it comes to making all of the decisions on lighting, paint colors, fixtures, and interior finishes, it can be a daunting task and you need a famous interior designers in Kolkata or a professional interior design company in Kolkata who has the most valuable and expert interior designer. Our professional interior designer team members work closely with you and your builder to help in the selection process of all exterior and interior selections.

Our company is based in Kolkata and want to help you with our expertise in the interior designing field whether it is residential or commercial. DesignTab's  every selection for the home and business is carefully selected and specified through on-site meetings, constant communication with your builder, and visits to local showrooms with you or alone, to pull samples and items to present to you.

It can be a restoration, a new modern office design or home design; DesignTab appreciates the variations and experiences that come with interior design and welcomes every type of project that comes our way.....

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